Refund Policy

Our refund policy: We offer resume writing services based on a partial payment model. In order to cover advertising costs, we ask for a partial deposit after your intake interview. Once received we complete the work of writing your resume. Please note that we complete LinkedIn profiles and consulting services after payment has been made. 

Once payment has been made, the sale is considered final, even though we still provide additional services after the payment has been made, such as the 30-day job search guarantee we offer all professional and premium package customers.

30-day job search guarantee: If you haven’t received any interviews after 30 days from paying for your order, we’ll provide career coaching and application support free of charge. You must apply to 20 jobs to qualify. Our email cover letter is designed to get hiring managers to review your resume, and prepares them to call with urgency. Our response rates (up to 100%) will guarantee you make it to the interview. And, don’t forget, we are here to support you every step of the way with lifetime support.

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